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Eve-Yasmine – Losing You

Q: You tribute your grandfather with your latest single, ‘Losing You.’ Could you tell us a bit more about the meaning of this moving song and how your family has influenced your music?

A: ‘Losing You’ was inspired by losing a loved one gradually, in my Grandpa’s case firstly suffering from Dementia, it is painful to see a loved one go through that. My Grandpa was such a wise, loving and thoughtful man, I miss him a lot.

He really instilled a love of music in me. He introduced me to his classical music collection and wait for it…the Spice Girls haha. We as a family definitely share a passion and love for music. My father plays keys, my Mum sings/harmonises and my gran loves her jazz too. I’ve grown up open minded and been introduced to many genres and music styles in different languages, this has definitely had an influence on my taste and approach to my music.

Q: Taking it back a little further – what led you to pursue your music? And what challenges did you face to break into the industry?

A: Ever since I can remember I always loved music, performing, singing,dancing, writing…music really fulfils me and brings such a beautiful happiness that can be shared. Initially though I wasn’t confident enough to pursue it. I had bad stage fright but I’d still push myself to perform even if I ended up blanking at an audition in a shopping centre (yep that happened haha). Eventually one day I was at a music event and people kept asking me if I was a singer or if I could sing, the need to really go for it overtook my nerves and doubts. Soon after that Omar El Barkaoui, a music producer from France, found me on Facebook. When he moved to London we met, recorded and it all started from there. He really encouraged me to pursue music and here we are!

I’m still facing challenges as I am an independent artist, I don’t have a manager, no label, no PR but I’ve met some amazing people on my journey who have believed in me, introducing me to people or opportunities and I am grateful for that. Overall though it’s a hustle, I self fund my own videos, I approach designers direct for styling, I reach out to media online. I’d say one of the biggest challenges is getting your voice heard, you could make the most incredible song or video but it still needs to be out with the right tags, on the right pages for the sharing to begin and to catch people’s eyes. So to every single person that has shared my music, thank YOU you’re helping a lot!

Q: Do you feel your mixed heritage has influenced your singing style and lyrics? 

A: Definitely, especially when it comes to phrasing and the feel of the song. Father Tongue and Habibi showed my Moroccan side. Losing You is more of a British sound, I love singing songs in Spanish and definitely want to record originals. I hope to continue to explore more musical styles connected with my roots.

Q: Is there a new musical style you’d like to explore or artists you’d like to collaborate with?

A: Yesss, I listen to reggaeton all the time so it’d be amazing to jump on a track in this style. There are so many artists I’d love to work with – J Balvin is one of them!

Q: Where do you like to escape to when you seek inspiration to write a new song? 

A: My Grandpa’s lil’ box room or anywhere quiet with a notepad and pen in my hand.

Q: How has music shaped your life? And what impact do you feel it can have on others?

A: It’s connected me with so many incredible people, brought me so much happiness and fulfillment. When friends or people I haven’t met send me messages saying a song I wrote or sang helped them, or they related to it and it made them feel something, that means more than you can imagine. I’m so grateful for music, it can have such a positive impact in this world and truly uplift people.

Q: What’s next in the pipeline for you? Any exciting upcoming projects you can share with us?

A: More music is on it’s way! I recently recorded a cover of Hallelujah at the famous Metropolis studios in London – so many musicians have recorded there including Michael Jackson himself, it really was a dream come true. I’m looking forward to being able to share that and what it was for! Also Omar & I recorded and wrote a new song together this year in France it is a much more of a deep pop vibe I’m so excited to release it. Otherwise I’m focusing on writing, saving up so I can buy more equipment to be in a position to self record  and putting as much out there as possible!

Q: What advice would you give aspiring singers?

A: Do you and focus on what makes you unique.

Video credits:
Eve-Yasmine – Losing You / http://eve-yasmine.com/
Song written by Eve-Yasmine (lyrics/melody/vocals) and Sikeyo (music production and recording).
Mastered by Mattia Magi.
Music video created by Alena Dudnik (Alena EgoEgo)

Make-up artist & Hair stylist: Tamara Tott
Photographer: Gökhan Göksoy
Production assistant: Kathleen de la Cruz
Dresses: Audrey Ashley Couture
Artwork: Driss Eddebbi

Photo credits:
Photographer: Gokhan Goksoy
Make-up and hair: Emily-Jane Williams
Dress: The Boutique London