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Into the Mirror is an immersive journey that captures an emotional story about identity and acceptance through intense visuals and a powerful score. This independent film is a coming of age story raising awareness related to identify, gender and transgender issues, in support of LGBTQI narratives for the screen. Into The Mirror seeks to further the positive shift film is taking in embracing and highlighting these narratives.

Here at Fashion Shift Magazine we are excited to share with you that the film Into the Mirror has recently won two exciting awards for Best LGBT Feature Film and Best Actor, Jamie Bacon, at the Renaissance Film Festival Awards Ceremony at the Courthouse Hotel! This film was brought to life by a team of young London based film makers. Co-producers and actors Jamie Bacon and Charles Streeter shared that “this is our 1st film and we are really excited about the response and buzz around our film.” The film has been directed by a young talented first time female director Lois Stevenson.

Into the Mirror tells the story of Daniel (Jamie Bacon), a sensitive young man who is new to London and trying to find his way around what seems like an endless wet winter. Since the death of his mother Daniel has had to suppress his feelings and work on concealing his true identity. Daniel’s world seems to be crashing down on him, but his co-worker Blu (Beatrice May) walks into his life at the right moment in time. Wanting to spend some more time with Daniel, Blu invites him to the nightclub Lost & Found. After a long night at Lost & Found Daniel unexpectedly meets Jennifer, a drag queen (Charles Streeter). Daniel soon realises Lost & Found is not just any club and that this night will change the course of Daniel’s life forever.

Insights from the film makers:
Jamie (Producer & Lead Actor): I am fascinated with the idea of identity, who we are and why we are who we are. The idea for INTO THE MIRROR originally started when I was listening to a piece of music. From this I delved deeper into the topic of identity and knew this was a huge subject amongst the LGBTQI community. From here I met with people in the community and started doing more research. I didn’t want a standard narrative story. I also didn’t want to put a label on the lead character within the world that we see on screen it was for the audience to make that decision. A few months later, I contacted my close friend Charles and asked if he would like to write this film with me. We have been very lucky to have people like Johnny Jewel believe in us and confirmed we were doing something right. Johnny Jewel (composer of Drive, Twin Peaks) created an original score for this film ‘Into The Mirror’.


Charles (Producer): Working with Jamie as a close friend, co-writer and co-producer on INTO THE MIRROR has been the hardest we have ever worked, but has left us with the most beautiful pay off. As young filmmakers, we knew producing would be a huge learning curve and something we would have to do if we wanted to have a say in our work. After Jamie scouted talented young Director Lois Stevenson, we had the beginnings of a film team. One thing that has hugely surprised me in this whole process is the kindness of friends, colleagues and even strangers.

Lois Stevenson (Director): I became involved in the project after Jamie saw my visual art work in an exhibition. After reading the initial script, I instantly realised its potential for a visually wondrous film with a liberating story. Meeting with Jamie and Charles and seeing their excitement and enthusiasm for the project only contributed to the ‘YES!’ that was there from the beginning. Into The Mirror encapsulates an immersive journey that is enhanced by all the creative elements that the crew have brought together. It captures an emotional story about identity and acceptance that I really hope everyone can identify with. It has been a huge privilege to work on a project that supports LGBTQI narratives for the screen. Into The Mirror aims to further the fantastic shift film is taking in embracing and highlighting these narratives.

Jamie Bacon

Beatrice May ,

Charles Streeter

John Sackville

Tallulah Eve Brown

Tallulah Eve Brown plays Crystal, Tallulah was the first ever transgender contestant for Britain’s next top model, it is really exciting to have her in the film.

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