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Spring is now in full bloom! Yet before the shifting of the season, Fashion Week returned in full swing, projecting its next Autumn/Winter 2017 collections around the world. Los Angeles is continuously growing as a fashion capital and Fashion Shift Magazine was excited to be welcomed again to another season of LA Fashion week! This season’s showcased talents included the designers Vicken Derderian, Sav Noir, Grayscale, Hardeman, Laurel Dewitt, and Candice Cuoco x Vanessa Simmons. Here we highlight some of the standout collections straight from the runway and the stories transmitted through their designs.

Vicken Derderian: Women in Flight | @vickenderderian
Taking flight on the runway, the Vicken Derderian and Kyung Hwa Kim dream-team joined forces again for their second appearance in LA Fashion Week! Inspired by “Women in Flight”, the hand-crafted luxurious collection personified female empowerment through its silhouette-driven shapes, textures, and movement. It was about standing strong and “breaking that glass ceiling”. Derderian’s signature architectural and geometric patternmaking was skillfully balanced by Kim’s alluring texture-rich woven and knit designs. I was honoured to work closely with both designers as a model in their show and for Fashion Shift Magazine coverage. Their vibrant personable nature made them a joy to be around. This collection emanated a sophisticated yet comforting mood with a colour palette ranging from soft earthy tones to deep blue and burgundy hues. An array of contemporary garments were featured from asymmetrical and draping shapes to oversized knits and unique handbags – it was all about playing with the details and the dynamic juxtaposition between soft and hard, elegant and edgy. Merging architecture with fashion, the continuous reference throughout the Vicken Derderian LA-label is the element of movement. Overall, the show captivated the audience through its innovative and versatile style that keeps soaring to new heights!

Photography: Steven Lopez @eslopez128


Khala Jones: Grayscale | @fromgrayscale
A newcomer to the LA Fashion scene, Khala Jones showcased her Grayscale collection on the LA Fashion Week runway. Jones, a self-taught seamstress from Houston Texas, pursued her passion for fashion at Howard University in Washington DC. She transported her vision to LA and became immersed in its fashion community. She then launched her Grayscale label in 2016, capturing the attention of celebrities and stylists such as Keke Palmer, India Love and Keyshia Cole. Jones’ LAFW collection was inspired by her hometown and featured models styled with grey-sprayed hair and electric blue eye-shadow, modeling a strong and sultry array of designs. Grayscale embodies self-love and exudes a confidence in looking good in one’s own skin.

Photography: Chad Alan @chadsimages & @chadsimages_fw


Candice Cuoco x Vanessa Simmons: Bad Butterfly | @candicecuoco @vanessasimmons
Closing LA Fashion Week was the anticipated debut of “Bad Butterfly”, a collaborative collection launched by Project Runway’s Candice Cuoco and Growing Up Hip-Hop’s Vanessa Simmons. The bold duo joined forces and put on a fierce performance featuring models of different shapes, heights and backgrounds. The eclectic designs emerged in feminine ruffled forms featuring butterfly and floral patterns that later metamorphosed into edgy, studded designs with high-boots, denim jackets and a “Filthy Feminist” slogan-tee. There was a perpetual theme throughout – the emancipation of a rebellious, strong woman with a whimsical attitude. In Cuoco’s words, “I don’t dress women to make them feel pretty; I dress women to make them feel powerful.”

Photography: Chad Alan @chadsimages & @chadsimages_fw