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LONDON FASHION WEEK | Alexandra Moura SS17

“I’ve got my eyes on you.” – Alexandra Moura SS17 Collection

by Adrenus Craton, Director of London House Studio

The entire theme of London Fashion Week is: all eyes on you. This is one of the reasons why I chose to feature something from Alexandra Moura’s latest collection in a street-style setting. It embraces the cool, urban and confident woman, exactly what most of us Londoners feel we are or strive to be.

We headed over to ‘the place to be’ where some of the biggest names in fashion (alongside new talent) were already making their way down the catwalk and receiving guests at London Fashion Week’s designer showrooms. We would be making our way to LFW’s Heavy London Showroom and into the streets surrounding the exclusive Brewer Street Car Park venue.

It was a wonderful opportunity to bring Novelmodels Elite into the mix. As a boutique model agency, our looks and aspirations are more unique than the usual suspects. Model Serena, standing 6ft 1’ tall, was perfect for Alexandra Moura’s pieces which are known for giving an extension to the body form, creating incredible silhouettes and bold shapes – almost statuesque.

My favourite from her Spring Summer 2017 collection is unsurprisingly the all black statement piece adorned with an iconic eye shaped embroidery. We paired it with a delicate tulle piece that flowed in the wind as we swept past the photographic frenzy poised outside on Brewer Street.

Alexandra Moura’s designs play on the concept of contrast and polar opposites. So, naturally my second favourite piece was on point, a soft hooded jacket with a colourful flower-patterned jacquard. Just enough feminine power to make it a ‘hoodied’ street-style fave.

The Portuguese born fashion designer has said before that she doesn’t necessarily follow trends when approaching her work. Her versatility, skill and uniqueness transcends the concept of time. Her creative drive is the process of learning about the identity of the self, and it is an on-going discovery.

This makes Alexandra Moura a #LdnHOUSEfav, and we are excited to follow her work into next season.

Designer: Alexandra Moura
Written & Photographed by Adrenus Craton
Model: SERENA Novelmodels Elite
Stylist: Adam King
Assistant Stylist: Maria Sousa
Produced London HOUSE Studio

London HOUSE Studio: www.londonhousestudio.com/whatshappening

Novelmodels Elite: www.novelmodelselite.com/Serena