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By Carmen Obied, Features Editor

Photography by Steven Lopez, Travel Editor & Archaeologist

In the wake of the recent EU referendum results, tens of thousands of people from around the world took to the streets of London on a two-mile “March for Europe”. Last week’s EU referendum resulted in a 52% to 48% vote to leave the EU, launching a dividing wave of instability across the country. Demonstrators decided to actively fight for change, marching from Parklane to the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, while chanting and holding flags and banners against ‘Brexit’, xenophobia and prejudice. On arriving at Parliament Square, Pro-EU supporters gathered to hear speakers, such as Labour MP David Lammy, Fleur Anderson, Owen Jones, Bob Geldof, and Billie JD Porter. The resounding message of the rally was not targeted against ‘Brexit voters’, but instead against the surge of lies, racism and xenophobic reactions that followed the referendum’s decision. The protest aimed to demonstrate solidarity with Europe, recognising the strength in diversity and reaching out to Parliament to stand for change.

Fashion Shift Magazine was live on the scene capturing the March for Europe.



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