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A woman stands at the edge of a vast tumultuous sea, water churning, spitting whiteness.
On the edge of a busy street, cars and buses rush past her in waves.
A gust of wind blows debris down the street. She turns and walks with the wind, indifferent to the billows of hair across her face
Black waves smash at the barren rocks beneath her feet as she walks towards the churning abyss. Wind tears at her hair, her clothing, her body.

Something shifts. The wind slows, she stops. Her hair falls away from her face, eyes closed.
She opens her eyes.

VENIA // innuo from HolyUnholy on Vimeo.


As the digital landscape continues to evolve and garner greater significance in brand communication, fashion is increasingly turning towards film as a medium for taking storytelling to the next level. In light of this, fashion brands are using film and the power of digital storytelling to explore interactive ways to capture or provoke the consumer. VENIA is a fashion brand and film that does just that – it challenges the norm and takes you on a journey that leaves you feeling empowered.
VENIA’s new fashion film, which plays like the trailer for a feature film, speaks to our dual existence as both creatures of nature and metropolis. It strives to give a brief glimpse into the experience of facing the chaos around us, of stilling the motion and noise that is always there, trying to consume us. This conflicting existence is made more visually impactful by the juxtaposition of the light and dark elements and surroundings. These elements are manifested through the brand’s garments and values, designed for the bold and the socially-conscious – striving to be a positive force in a rapidly changing world. Film can act as a dynamic platform through which a designer can re-imagine their collection’s narrative. By combining forces with talented film directors HolyUnholy, VENIA has been able to add a new dimension to their brand’s image. The resulting visuals are raw yet graceful, with a haunting and alluring tone that subtly connects each frame through natural vs. artificial interplays. The viewer is left eagerly anticipating what will happen next.

But what is the story behind the VENIA brand? The word VENIA derives from the Ancient Latin word for Grace. Channeling that sense of grace, VENIA is an embodiment of elegance and beauty of form, manner, motion, or action. It is experiential clothing for the rebellious soul, traversing the in-between of adventures in nature and the city. The LA-based Menswear and Womenswear label is technology-forward and 100% sustainable, renowned for its innovative and cutting edge designs. VENIA, whose clothing captures international appeal, hail from Los Angeles-the global city with origins found on tags in each piece: N 34.0407 | W 118.2468.

The intriguing concept of the fashion-tech brand emerged from the anonymous design duo, Eni & Nigma, as a means of seamlessly merging sustainable fashion and technology. VENIA produces meticulously engineered garments that build on technological advances using 3D modeling and 3D printing to push boundaries in fashion, while utilizing ethically produced textiles. And all while still emanating sexy, edgy, tailored, and multi-functional comfort. VENIA is for the contemporary and bold consumer – designed to restore your sense of purpose and individuality.


VENIA’s fabrics are ethically sourced from around the world, prioritising those with minimal waste. Fabrications include fish leather from Iceland and Canada (a by-product of the food industry), tencel from Canada (sustainably regenerated from wood cellulose), organic Pima cotton (Peru), and Mohair and Wool (from small farmlands in New Zealand). The brand ensures it works with vendors who share the same moral code towards pushing for sustainable slow fashion. VENIA is committed to ongoing research into discovering and solving problems that benefit both the consumer and the environment. Consumer behaviour also plays a critical role in this movement. We need to, as consumers, seek transparency within the clothing supply chain and the story behind the products. A collective effort is needed to push for ethical and technological practices across the industry. These ideologies are echoed in VENIA’s 5 pillars: Venture, Endeavor, Newness, Invest and Advance. Ultimately, by fusing technology and science with ethical fashion and cultural influences, VENIA seeks to continually break new boundaries and impart a positive experience to its followers.

Author’s note: I had the pleasure of acting in this fashion film and becoming immersed in its story and message. It had a powerful pull on me and I have a strong feeling that this enigmatic brand is on its way to catapult ahead of the fashion-tech world – so be sure to keep your eye on VENIA!
Big thanks to the team and all involved.

The Team:
Venia (Eni + Nigma): Founders
Holy Unholy (Sam + Govind): directors/producers
Carmen Obied: model/actress
Justin Kane (with Connor O’Brien): cinematographer
Cameron Dunbar: photographer

Website: www.veniacollection.com

VENIA | @veniacollection

A film by: @holy.unholy

Directed by: @govindrae & @samrmiron

Featuring: @carmen_obied

Designer: @veniacollection

Cinematography: @justkane

Movioperator: @connorobrien310

Stylist: @christinekoko

Colour: @alastorarnold & @fotokem_la

Visual Effects: Jordan Miron

Original Score: Jason Lesser
Photographer: @r3dglasses_ltd